Tea Party of Gilmer County


The mission of the Gilmer County TEA Party organization is to unite citizens of Gilmer County who share the same core values of Belief in God, Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets – the values upon which this nation was founded.  This united group of citizens will work together within Gilmer County and in concert with other local, state and national TEA Party organizations to educate and inform other of its citizens so that they will join us in securing public policy consistent with those values and electing leaders in the Legislative and Executive branches of the government who will support those values.

God created all men equal with certain unalienable rights among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Our government should derive just powers from the consent of the governed.
Individuals who have free will and are personally and fiscally responsible will make better financial and personal decisions than a distant federal government.
Personally responsible individuals will productively respond to and interact with free markets to provide for their families and serve their fellow man without unnecessary government intervention or oversight.
Our government was formed to serve and protect its citizens while having limited powers granted by the Constitution.
We believe in the free market system that has made the United States the most prosperous nation in the world and that the federal government should stay out of managing businesses and let the free market system operate.

RATIONALE: Excessive federal government spending and higher trending federal taxes over many years has served as the impetus for the TEA Party movement.

1. Enlist and enable the citizens of Gilmer County to contact their elected Senators, Representatives and the President in Washington, D.C. protesting high taxes, pork barrel spending and manipulation of the Constitution.
2. Provide information to the members of the TEA Party of Gilmer County regarding pending legislation in Congress that will result in higher taxes, uncontrolled government spending and the violation of rights given to the citizens of the United States by the Constitution.
3. Coordinate activities and programs with other TEA Party organizations at the state and national levels.
4. Take action against other bills, programs and laws proposed by the Legislative and Executive branches that may be in violation of the Constitution and/or might result in the taking away basic rights guaranteed to citizens of the United States by the Constitution.

“Let’s keep the Pot Boiling”

1.    We recognize that our liberties are a God-given right, as codified by our Founding Fathers, and our Founding Documents, and apply to all people, everywhere, at all times.
2.    Government has been instituted by men, in order to preserve these rights, and suffers under very defined, enumerated powers, to ensure the preservation of these Rights.
3.    The natural rights of private property and free enterprise shall not be usurped by the imagined or un-delegated powers of government.
4.    It is the right, and the DUTY of a free people to rise up against  an unfettered  government that seeks to gain complete power over free-markets, innovation, capitalism, and the role of God in our very lives.
5.    We are committed to regain the rights and ideals of the American experience through legislative and grass-roots action.
6.    The Rule of Law, as expressed in our Founding Documents, and preceded by centuries of classical thought, needs to remain the basic guiding principle of our unique experience.
7.    We are a completely non-partisan organization of Americans, united in a common cause, which is the preservation of our society, our moral and financial supremacy and our unparalleled ability to spread prosperity throughout the world.

1.    To EDUCATE people about the founding of our nation and the essential elements of that endeavor.
2.    To Energize people, to take hold of the most basic Truths that we have been blessed with, and to SPREAD THE WORD.
3.    Expose the lies and misrepresentations about our form of government and the free enterprise system that are flooding all the airwaves of this country, and polluting the conscience of the nation.
4.    Be concise and accurate in all communications, because our choice of words should have a powerful impact.
5.    Taking Effective Action requires:  Honesty, always.  Integrity, completely.  Perseverance, absolutely.

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