April 2017 Tea Party of Gilmer Newsletter

FlagEagleAmerica was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”
~Harry Truman


Monday April 10, 2017
Gilmer Arts Building
207 Dalton Street
Ellijay, GA

Meet and Greet with refreshments 6:30 pm
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm



We are going to discuss future meetings and change our format.

If you are interested in being an officer or Board Member come to this meeting and participate.

And, if you haven’t attended a meeting in a long time or if you have never attended a meeting and just enjoy receiving the newsletters, please come and participate in what we do and find out who does what.

The TEA Party of Gilmer County was formed in 2009 because we felt we were TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY (TEA).  After the formation of our local chapter our Federal Government gave us an unending supply of reasons to stay in existence.

We still have an unending supply of reasons to meet both positive and negative.

On a National level, our new administration needs our help and support.

On the State level, our state legislature exists for us.  If we don’t like what it does and we haven’t made a single phone call or attended a single town hall meeting, they do not know what is most important to you, especially on the little things.  They pass bills every day in session that mean a lot to some of us yet we say nothing or may not even know the bill was being considered.

On the Local Level we worked extremely hard to elect tea party minded people that were conservative and they have worked extremely hard on our behalf.  There is not much they can do about all of the bond debt but they have now successfully refinanced all of our debt saving us millions in interest.  And they have been able to use those savings to start repairing some of our poorly maintained infrastructure.

So Come and see what we can do,
and what YOU CAN DO.

Next Monday, April 10th – 6:30
Mark Your Calendar Now

As always, if you have suggestions for meeting topics or speakers, please email me.

Joene DePlancke, Chairman



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