Tea Party of Gilmer County


The purpose of the Tea Party of Gilmer County is to provide a meeting place and forum for the citizens of Gilmer County and surrounding communities to share information, concerns, and solutions to return the control of our County to “We the People”.

We share information about the dangers of ever increasing, out of control spending by the United States Government and the increasing taxation foisted upon the people to pay for such spending.

Our regular monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Gilmer Arts Building, 207 Dalton Street, Ellijay, GA 30540

The evening meetings open at 6:15 and everyone is welcome to come and help set up tables and chairs.  We have a social meet and greet from 6:30 to 7:00 with refreshments and the meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

Come and meet our officers and members as well as any guest speakers. Every meeting has an open mic portion where anyone can either ask questions or present any views or information they wish to share.   When we have speakers the subject is usually one regarding current events or issues or updates from our local, state or national representatives.

To get information on our events, meetings, urgent news items and more, you may sign up to receive our frequently published email bulletins.  To sign up, send an email to Joene DePlancke, Communications Officer, at joene@ellijay.com.  You may also sign up at any meeting. Guests and visitors are always welcome. And since our primary concerns are to save this country for our children and grandchildren, please feel free to bring your children or grandchildren, small, medium or large, to any meeting.

We hope you will join with us to help return our nation to the precepts in the Constitution of minimum government influence and the elimination of the burdens of heavy taxation.

We say to Congress and the President, “We are Taxed Enough Already (TEA)!”  Our motto is, “No More Taxes!” “Reduce Spending!”  “Balance the Budget!”